Gnat (gnatkip) wrote,

Art:  Internet Sampler

Title: Internet Sampler
Media: Excel, Photoshop, Caption Maker, alphabet by Carrie's Creations, graphics from Windows, IE, and Firefox
Notes: An illustration for mina_de_malfoisMina de Malfois and the Attempted Coup (part three)Mina belongs to herself, not to me.

"Someday, when I have an idle hour to fill, I intend to cross-stitch myself a sampler and hang it on the wall above my computer, after the manner of the pioneers. At the top I’ll set my most oft-uttered prayer: Thank you, internet, for letting me observe so many crazy people from a safe distance."

Since I first read that line, there have been so many occasions when I've been reminded of it.  Because yes, thank you, internet.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized that our dear Mina is on to something there.  I had an idle hour to fill.  Does this make me a minion?

Internet Sampler by GnatKip - thumbnail

Internet Sampler by GnatKip
Here's a larger size (1804 x 1305 px, 737k), or click through image.

[ETA: the "pattern" (1792 x 1298 px, 150k) before it got masked and layer-effected and liquified.]

It's probably obvious from the nature of this thing, not to mention the nature of my other art, but let me make it clear:  I do not exclude myself from The Crazy.

[ETA: icefalcon stitched a real one!]

[ETA: sailorcoruscant stitched another real one!]

[ETA: And so did wendyblackheart!]

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